Kay – Reflexology for conception, pregnancy & labour – November 2016
I started seeing Pat at the beginning of the year to help with my aim of getting pregnant. We were lucky enough to fall pregnant on our second serious attempt, and I truly believe that the reflexology and coaching that Pat administered to me helped us to succeed.

The hour long sessions were my ‘fortnightly sanctuary’ where I could focus on myself. Pat took the time to assess me at the beginning of each treatment, understand what I needed and she would tailor the session accordingly. In addition to the invigorating (and relaxing) reflexology, I was able to talk to Pat about health, nutrition, relaxation and breathing which in turn helped me during my pregnancy. The treatment environment is inviting, the chair is toasty warm and relaxing, and Pat gives you water in a wine glass at the end of the session which always made me laugh being pregnant. After each session I was able to sleep brilliantly and my baby would always be extra stimulated with increased fetal movement. Although my labour didn’t exactly go to plan, the breathing techniques I practiced with Pat helped me to deliver my baby in just 4 hours.

I’ve continued reflexology since having my baby boy as I enjoyed the sessions with Pat and have benefitted from them so much. I’ve treated myself to an Indian head massage (amazing!) and am looking forward to my first hot stone reflexology treatment in 2017.

Kristy – Reflexology for Pregnancy – October 2015
I had reflexology a couple of times with Pat starting around 37 weeks… It really did help my heartburn and make some space in there to breathe! I think it’s amazing how Pat can ease pregnancy ailments and prepare your body for birth.
My labour was very fast compared to my first pregnancy, 6 hours and no pain relief was pretty good going and i do put it down to my body being prepared. I am a big fan of reflexology, you’re feet literally are the map to your body. Thanks Pat!

Jane – Reflexology for shoulder and knee problems – June 2013

Just wanted to let you know my shoulder and knee have been so, so much better since I saw you. It’s almost unbelievable! Thanks very much.

Julie Gallagher – Reflexology for back and neck problems – August 2012

I would like to highly recommend Pat Compton – Reflexologist and complimentary therapist.

I find Pat extremely professional and very caring; she has a very natural way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pat has helped me with an on-going back and neck problem and I now feel so much better after just 3 sessions.

Pat works from home, you are instantly welcomed. It is so very calming and peaceful with the beautiful idyllic setting of the countryside as you walk in to the therapy room.

With Pat working from home you are not paying high street prices and you can always park right outside.

I would recommend reflexology to any one and most importantly Pat, I travel from Birmingham to Leeds and I have to say it’s worth the journey once you find someone who is good at what they do; the miles are nothing, given that I have been to many.


Stella Wilson – Reflexology for migraines – April 2012

It was after suffering a cluster of migraines last year that I decided to look for a reflexologist in my area. I have had reflexology for pain management before but had let my visits laps. I found Pat via the internet and made my first appointment while still suffering a very bruised head.

Pat was very thorough in taking my medical history and interested in diet, and any other factors that could be causing stress and therefore contributing to the problem. I have been going to see Pat now every six weeks since, and have always found her very interested in my well being and keen to work on any new projects that my old body can conjure up.

I have not suffered with a migraine since starting my time with her and always leave feeling better and more balanced than when I arrive. Pat is always keen to discuss new ideas, and always makes you feel that your health and the management of it is important to her.

I would not hesitate to recommend Pat to anyone wanting to take a new approach to their health and overall fitness.

Thanks Pat, looking forward to my next appointment.

T Clifton – Reflexology for Asthma – March 2012

I first went to see Pat with two aims in mind; to clear my cold,which appeared just before Christmas and to relax me after a busy time at work.

The day after the treatment, my cold had almost disappeared and I felt much better, rejuvenated and de-stressed, ready for Christmas. As for the sleep, I have never slept so well afterwards. After a treatment, I need an alarm clock to wake me up!

I recommend Pat for her professional, caring, thorough approach and the way she focuses on specific areas (in my case, Asthma), as well as working the entire foot I have seen a huge improvement in my feet already and my asthma is much improved.

P.S. I LOVE the warm, comfy recliner chair too!

Linda Strickler – October 2011

Pat Compton is an excellent reflexologist. I have had treatments from 5 others over many years and she tops the group. Not only are her treatments helpful, she is also a kind and caring therapist who shows concern for my wellbeing by asking for email updates after a treatment. I wish I was rich enough to have daily sessions, as I always feel improvement once she has completed her skillful manipulations on my feet.

I recommend her unhesitatingly!

“Munke”  – October 2011

What a great experience! My first time with reflexology and I’ll certainly be going back. Thanks Pat.

Mrs A Parry: Treated for various conditions – August 2011

I have been having reflexology for pain management treatments with Pat for over 3 months now. We have a brief discussion about my health in general before each treatment after which she recommends areas she would like to focus on during the treatment. This means that my treatments are specific to me and my health concerns. It is definitely not a ‘one fits all’ approach which I have experienced before with other practitioners. I was very impressed when Pat researched (in her own time) side effects of a medication I was prescribed by my GP and recommended we focus the treatments on my liver to alleviate these effects.

I really enjoy my treatments and intend to continue for the foreseeable future. I feel much better and certainly more relaxed. I have not had any stress related headaches since I started seeing Pat. I remember one day when I came to see Pat with a pounding headache. I left pain free. It felt like a small miracle.

Pat is very professional and has a keen interest in health in general. She is passionate about reflexology and it clearly shows. I have already recommended Pat to other family members and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.

Ruth Marshall: Treated for various conditions – May 2011

I contacted Pat in March after my daughter found her website. I was feeling quite down, not sleeping well and was in the early stage of a flare up with rheumatoid arthritis. I have to admit I was fairly skeptical whether she would be able to help me.

Pat took a very detailed history of lifestyle, illness etc and described how reflexology for pain management could help. She told me that what to avoid and what to expect afterwards. After the first session I was incredibly tired and slept for well over an hour.

Pat is very professional in her approach has even been able to tell during our session where she feels I have problems. I had been having problems with swelling and pain in my knee which I had not told her about and at the end of the session she informed me she had felt swelling around the knees!!

But I think the most amazing time has been when I was suffering a lot of pain in my shoulder so Pat said she would work on that specific area during our session. It had been so bad that it was disturbing me on a night but that night I slept fantastic and had no pain the following morning!!

I would definitely recommend Pat to anyone. I thoroughly enjoy our sessions – I don’t think there is any other time that I am able to relax to the degree I do than when I have my reflexology.

Louise Walker: Reflexology for migraine/tension headaches – March 2011

I was getting to the stage where my headaches were taking over my life as I would experience 2/3 a week, and this was becoming totally debilitating as I was having to spend most of my time in bed and total darkness.

I went to see my doctor who said he could only prescribe ibuprofen for tension headaches, but he did suggest alternative therapies such as reflexology.

It was then that I found Pat Compton on the internet and thought I’d give reflexology a try.

Even after the first session, I felt more relaxed within myself. Pat talked me through my lifestyle, e.g. amount of caffeine/water drunk etc and offered me suggestions on what to try. I was also surprised at how much she could tell about my lifestyle/health just by working on my feet.

I’ve had 4 sessions now and I can honestly say that I feel great. I feel much more relaxed, and more aware of the triggers for my headaches, and actually haven’t had one now for almost 3 weeks, which is a miracle I couldn’t have envisaged 3 months ago!!

The headaches were really starting to get me down, but I now feel more in control, and after every session that I have, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Jaswant Bhavra: Reflexology for back pain and stress headaches – March 2011

I have had two reflexology sessions with Pat Compton and I can already feel an increase in my energy level, and the disappearance of the stress headaches which I have suffered on a regular basis. I intend to book more sessions every month, to ensure better health resulting from the reflexology.

Pat’s effective reflexology treatment has personally helped me and I hope other people too will feel the benefit of her sessions.

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