Hot Stones Reflexology

Hot Stone therapy dates back to the Incas, the Shang Dynasty in China in about 1500BC and the ancient Egyptians.

In classical hot stones therapy, the stones are placed on the back or shoulders and gently across the body. The warm stones are soothing and relaxing and help peripheral blood circulation. The treatment is particularly refreshing when combined with cool stones applied towards the end of a session.

I offer a form of hot stones therapy where hot and then cool water-smoothed flat stones of various sizes are applied to the feet and legs. This can be taken as ‘a stand alone’ treatment, but it is also particularly effective when combined with elements of classical reflexology foot massage.

Hot Stone Reflexology takes relaxation to another level, and also has physiological benefits.

Prices: Hot stones reflexology for 90 minutes – £60

What happens during a hot stones reflexology treatment?
For new clients a medical questionnaire is completed before the treatment begins. Clients lie on a very comfortable chair and oils are worked into the legs and feet. After an opening sequence the hot stones are gently worked over the calves and feet. This is relaxing and helps loosen the muscles in the legs. Towards the end of the treatment cold stones are applied over what are by that stage well-warmed legs. Aftercare and lifestyle advice is offered on request.

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Try Reflexology for:
* Stress and anxiety
* Infertility
* Sleep disorders
* Headaches and migraines
* Sinus problems
* Hormonal imbalances
* Sports injuries
* Bowel disorders