Fertility & Maternity Reflexology FAQs

Below are a number of FAQs in regards to Fertility & Maternity Reflexology.

Can I receive reflexology to help with fertility?

Reflexology will help with general well-being and help you to relax. The reflexologist can also give you advice on diet and nutrition.

Do I need permission from my gynaecologist or midwife before receiving a reflexology treatment?

No, you do not but it would be sensible to let them know. In fact, many midwives recommend reflexology to help with stress relief and aid relaxation during the pregnancy.

Can reflexology cause a miscarriage?

No, it cannot cause a miscarriage. Many midwives are of the opinion that if a miscarriage is going to take place it is most commonly due to chromosomal abnormalities, in the first trimester.

Can I receive reflexology if I am receiving fertility treatment?

Reflexology aims to harmonise and balance the body. Clients can receive reflexology and fertility treatments but this is something that should be discussed at an initial consultation.

Can I receive reflexology treatment throughout my pregnancy?

Yes, providing the reflexologist has been trained and is suitably experienced in conception to birth delivery.

I have experience with clients that have come to me for a variety of fertility-related issues. Several have gone on to have successful pregnancies. Please feel free to either email or telephone me if you have any maternity related questions that you believe that I have not covered.

Parents with children

Client’s kind words

My sessions with Pat during both my pregnancies helped to boost my energy, especially in the last week or so. I also found the sessions helped with sciatica and hyperemesis (extreme morning sickness). I would definitely recommend acupuncture and Pat.

Kerry Crabtree

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